I have been so dark and stormy, sort of like the weather outside tonight, for the past few months. It’s not normally me, but with everything that has been going on, I don’t think you could expect anything less from someone going through all that crap.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have put a circuit breaker in a lot of the crap, firstly, we got the go ahead to put the house back on the market, so we did (with no real estate agents this time), Facebook Marketplace actually, and within about 16 hours, we had 3 people come and look at the place, hectic, but we actually had an offer made by the end of the day. An offer that we accepted. Tuesday we should see the contract signed, deposit paid, and everything back on track. We have even made arrangements with the owner of the place we were going to buy to buy it again, and thankfully, that too is steaming ahead. Hopefully it isn’t a repeat of the Titanic this time.

After my little (read BIG) explosion at my father, things settled down, and so far, things are holding steady. He has been a reasonable human being for the most part now for 3 weeks, which is a record by a long stretch.

During the past fortnight, we, meaning Mum, Jack myself went for a 5 day sojourn to Melbourne, it ended up being a bit  busier than I think we had anticipated, the time flew, but we spent some great time with my Aunt and brother. My only real plan for the 5 days was a trip to the Point Cook RAAF Museum, and a possible Op Shopping day, which accomplished, but my brother also insisted on us all going Ten Pin Bowling, and seeing a movie (the new Johnny English one) on one day, and my Aunt insisted on us going to the Werribee Open Plains Zoo, which by the way, was absolutely brilliant, far, far better than I had expected.

I am currently very drained however. I am still taking Valium to sleep at night, I did do a couple of nights without, but have needed them again. I am excited by the prospect that this time the sale and move will go through, but am containing that excitement, deliberately trying to avoid another disappointment. I couldn’t take what happened happening again, I’d end up going into a complete breakdown. It’s hard to keep your shit together when you are prone to depression, that’s what the Valium is doing, helping me keep my shit together.

Tomorrow sees Jack back to school for another school term, so this afternoon has been a flurry of making sure bags are ready, shoes are polished, and I even managed to fit in cutting his hair, yes, a single parent has to be a jack of all trades. Apart from his first ever hair cut by a hairdresser (which to be honest, was woeful), I have been cutting his hair ever since, and seeing the mum’s of the kids at the school want to know who cuts Jack’s hair because they want their kids done by them, then I must do a good job (I always say to the mum’s that it was “somewhere in the next town, can’t remember what they are called”, I don’t want to be a hairdresser for everyone else’s kids!!).

Anyway, I am pretty tired, but just wanted touch base so you didn’t think I’d fallen off the face of the planet.




OMG ! Devastated…….

I was going to write tonight about how we had 2 more days left until the big move, how our furniture was finally on it’s way to the new house, all that exciting stuff. Unfortunately, it’s not to be.

This afternoon, we learnt the buyer wants to pull out. 2 days from settlement. The shit has hit the fan. Legally, as far as the contract reads, and all indications on the law websites for this state, they can’t, but if they don’t pay the money, we have to fight them. We will be.

Right now, my latter 60’s father, my nearly 60 mother and myself are all not well. We are gobsmacked. We were due to get in our cars and head to the new place on Thursday. We are packed. Our furniture is packed. We’ve been sleeping in camp beds for a week. Luckily, we found out half an hour before the shipping container full of our stuff was picked up and transported to our new place. We had to cancel that. Also, as a result, the new house is now not happening, luckily the sale for it was contingent on settlement of this place, so no penalties will be against us there. Thank fuck for that. These people are scumbags.

So tomorrow, my son is off school, and we are off to see lawyers, seeing our current one is part of the problem. We have discovered that the buyer, real estate agent, and the solicitor who is supposed to be representing us are all mates. We are going to go after the lot of them, as they have failed in even the most basic of obligations, which we have only been made aware of today. Apparently the buyer hasn’t even paid the deposit to the real estate agent, as we were led to believe had happened already. They were meant to pay that the day they signed the contract, according to the contract.

I think we are all still shell shocked. My fibromyalgia is now off the Richter Scale, all in the space of a few hours. I feel like throwing up. Dad went to bed early for him, he is not looking good. Mum looks like I feel, and we are still up, because, you know, we both have fibromyalgia and we are both getting hit now. I just feel in a daze. I know that when I wake up in the morning it will still be the same, I know it’s not a bad dream, although I wish it was.

The already fractured household is not going to be any better because of this, it’s probably going to be even worse, and seeing how bad it’s been this week, before this happened, I am dreading it.

I have to try and get some sleep. Somehow. I’ve been up since 5am, it’s now 10pm. I’ve been cleaning the house ready to move out, crawling into cupboards, wiping them all out, I mean, we are meant to be leaving in 2 days time. I have no words left. I still can’t believe it has happened.