Growth Spurt

Since the beginning of the year, Jack has grown about 3 inches (around 7.5cm), and as such has been growing out of clothes at a rapid rate. He has pretty much skipped size 7 clothes, and was only very briefly in size 6, and now is firmly in the size 8 category.  it’s just incredible how quickly a kid can grow !!

So today, I have had to go and get some new long sleeve t-shirts for him, as all the rest he had were size 6, and we’ve been getting by between school clothes, which thankfully I bought size 8’s, and a whole bunch of size 8 flannelette tops I got on a shopping trip to Melbourne at Easter. I also managed to get a few pairs of jeans down in Melbourne on that trip as well, but have just added 5 pairs of smaller ones to the pile of clothes going to the Op Shop.

I’m starting to look at what I need for Summer, even though we are in the middle of Winter right now, as if he continues to grow at this rate, he won’t have any shorts when the warm weather gets here. Then it will be short sleeve shirts too………..

As I am on a limited income, it takes a bit of planning to make sure I don’t get caught short with his clothes, I have managed to stay ahead of the game up to now, but this rapid growth may end up getting ahead of me.

Tonight we are having a late one, tomorrow he won’t be at school because of the dentist visit, on Friday he will be back at school, which is the last of the term, then it’s the 2 week school Winter Holidays. I look forward to the holidays, I enjoy having him around, and it also means I don’t need to be awake before the sun to get him ready and off to school !!!