I don’t normally drink…

Let me correct that, I do drink, lot’s and lots of water and coffee, but I don’t normally drink alcohol. When I was younger, I used to drink a lot. My life before becoming a parent, and physically useless due to this wretched illness, was a rather interesting one.

I guess my first real time of probably going overboard with drink was when I worked as a stockman. I worked on some very remote properties, like, hours away from the nearest town sort of remote, I mean, the next nearest neighbour would be 1 or 2 hours away. After a tough day mustering, or yard work, that first cold beer goes down without touching the sides, the second and third go pretty quickly as well. Then, when you got the chance to go to town, which is basically a town with a few houses, a small and overpriced store, and a pub, you would buy tonnes of Coca Cola, and several bottles of rum. And 3 or 4 packets of rolling tobacco and enough papers to last out the tobacco. You sort of get sick of beer, which was kindly supplied by the company, so the rum was your after 4 beers and go to bed drink. One night, after a bad break up from a girlfriend over the phone, I drank a whole bottle of rum, I mean, not the pissy little 700ml bottle, a 1125ml bottle, over a litre of straight, very strong rum. My workmates watched me destroy myself, and then one of them gave me the rest of one of his bottles as well. I spent the large part of the rest of the night vomiting and hardly conscious. Amazingly, and to my colleagues dismay, I didn’t have even a slight hangover in the morning !!

After I left there, I went on to work as a commercial cleaner, a car rental agency manager, and a manager of an art gallery, which all involved consuming a lot of grog, the cleaning job was because the boss loved to get drunk too, the car rental manager was due to wining and dining tourism accommodation owners to get trade from them, and the third, well, art gallery exhibition openings are more or less the rich snobs excuse for a booze fest.

Then I went and did what any sensible person with a drinking problem does, I worked on a vineyard, growing wine grapes, then on to working at a winery. The winery deal meant that we went home with a case of free wine every 2 weeks as part of the employment conditions !!! That’s where I learnt that 6am isn’t too early, as if that’s when your working day ends……….

Since my ex became ultra violent about 2005, not long after our wedding, I stopped drinking. If you are blind drunk when someone tries to smother you in your sleep, you probably wouldn’t make it. These days, I very rarely drink. I can go months and months, and even then, if I do have one, it is one, nothing more. I enjoy it more now, I like the flavour, and I buy good stuff, not just the cheapest so I can get the most. I can’s stand beer, even though I used to drink the stuff like water before. It makes me ill.

So for 14 years I have drunk hardly anything. It was a good choice. I guess if the ex hadn’t killed me while I was drunk, the drink would have. Funnily enough, even though I drank so heavily for about a decade, I had tests, including scans, of my kidneys a year or 2 ago in the search for a diagnosis for why I was so unwell, and my kidneys are actually in better nick than they should be for someone my age. It’s always nice to know that something is working well still !!

The couple of weeks have been tough, and so tonight, because the pill packets for the pain medication says that alcohol enhances the effects of the pills, so be careful and don’t drive, I had a can of Wild Turkey. I need sleep. I need to feel rested. I need some relief from the crap I have dealt with for weeks with the fibromyalgia. So, I decided to enhance the pills. As I write, it seems to be working. I certainly don’t want to make a habit of it, I am trying to get rid of my other bad habit, smoking, I don’t need a new one to replace it.