Hi, welcome to my blog, about life, the universe and everything !!! Well, not quite, but it is about the lives of two intrepid adventurers, my son Jack and me, Andy, and what goes on in our world. Some of the things will be about our adventures or just our daily lives, sometimes I will have a particular issue I want to have a bit of a blab about, it’s going to be a bit of a mish mash of stuff.

We have been a single parent family for the past 6 years, since my son’s mother walked out of our lives. Up to that point, we had both been experiencing a lot of abuse, so for us, it was a blessing, no parent wants their child to grow up without the other parent, but sometimes, it just happens. 6 years later, we are both happy, thriving, and making the best of it.

Right now, at the beginning of 2019, I am 41, and my son is 8. We used to live in Victoria, Australia, but dearly wanted to live somewhere much warmer, so now we do, in sunny, warm, Far North Queensland !!

Jack is 8, loves photography, and is pretty damned good at it, having won a few photography awards, the first for a self portrait which he took when he was only 3 years old !! He also loves art, and has won several competitions with that as well, and of course, he loves anything that is either dinosaur, robot or Lego related. Since the age of 3 he has wanted to be a Paleontologist, I mean, he could even say it when he was 3, and still wants to be one 5 years later. For the meantime, he’s about to start grade 3 at his new Primary school.

As for me, I also love photography, and have quite a number of awards under my belt for that too, both domestically and internationally, and I paint in an abstract style as well. I love to write, play several musical instruments, compose music, do a bit of timelapse and stop motion animation, as well as all the usually stuff that comes with keeping a household on track. All of which, I do whilst suffering from a few maladies, the most significant being Fibromyalgia. If you don’t know what that is, Google it. It’s not pleasant, just to put it mildly, I could call it all sorts of other things, but I am sure you’ll hear about that in some of my posts !!

Well, for now, I might leave it at that for the About section for the time being.

Thank’s for taking a look.



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