I started writing this days ago. Even now, I am determined to finish it, but am really still lost for words. Friday last week, an appalling piece of human detritus decided to murder 50 people in the peaceful nation of New Zealand. This complete bag of shit came from my own country, Australia. I still feel physically ill even writing that.

In the days since, I have seen an amazing political leader, well, lead, and another try and hide his complicity in this madness. Jacinda Ardern is the leader EVERY nation needs. Australia’s Prime Minister is a hypocritical dirtbag.

Why, you ask, would I say that about the Prime Minister of my own country? Well, for more than a decade he has actively demonised people who weren’t white and rich. He blames them for every ill in society, just like that other impostor that calls himself POTUS. He calls them terrorists and rapists and murderers. He claims they steal everyone’s jobs.  He claims they steal our hospital beds, cause all the congestion in our overcrowded cities, absolutely anything wrong, is due to minorities and migrants. He’s been doing this all his political career, which is a lot longer than Trump’s.

So, this week he has been insincerely saying how horrible it all was, pretending that he cares. He is a narcissist and a liar, as they all seem to be. He has no compassion for anyone or anything. Oh, did I mention he is an extremist Christian? Oh Hillsong Church………

So, here he is, in denial, that his own rhetoric has created this monster who went on to murder all these men, women and children in one of the most peaceful nations in the world, one of our neighbours.  Every time he opens his mouth it is denial and hypocrisy. Not a thing is changing here in Australia, he talks the talk, but white supremacists are running rampant, and nobody is doing a thing to stop them. They even get protected by the Police from those extreme radical lefties who might force them to eat some tofu, the most dangerous thing a lefty can do.

I am now really ashamed to be Australian. I really hope, that come May, when we have our federal election, this phoney Prime Minister is voted out, along with the vast majority of his party’s other members in parliament. Total electoral annihilation would be good. We have had this political party (the misnamed Liberal Party of Australia, who are actually right wing extremist conservatives) in power the the best part of two and a half decades, with only a small break from them from 2008 to 2013. They have ripped the country to bits, pitting neighbour against neighbour, man against woman, poor against rich, white against black, Christian against everyone else for all this time. They have acted corruptly and looted the public purse and all it’s assets. They have destroyed the country I love. This horrifying act in New Zealand is just a symptom of the disease that is right wing conservative Christian extremism which has infected Australia.

I am so, so sorry to all those who have been affected by this tragedy. Not all Australians are like this piece of shit who did this terrible thing. I hope, come our election, that we can show you that the majority of us aren’t like that, I hope my country can show ME that the majority isn’t like that.

Love and peace to all,



4 thoughts on “Appalled

  1. One American meme I saw recently boiled down to “Well, the Australian leader and the POTUS are both despicable human beings, but if I’m going to be denied access to healthcare and demonized for my skin color, can I at least not have to go broke fighting for that healthcare or have to wonder how many guns the bully attacking me for my skin color currently has on him?” From what I understand of Australian politics lately, even those dubious improvements over the U.S. are lately in jeopardy for the vulnerable. Here’s hoping both our countries wise up soon.

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    • You are right, we have actual gun laws, and we have free healthcare, mostly, although as I said, mostly, the current mob are in some ways worse than Trump, they’ve been doing what he is, but for longer. We have our Election in May this year, so here’s hoping………

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      • Here’s hoping. It would be nice to see at least one nation through an arsehole out of office. I’m not sure it’ll quite bring back my faith on my fellow Americans, but maybe some in humanity at large…

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  2. Also, wow. I re-read that post, and I think I just unintentionally played Oppression Olympics but for countries. I feel bad on multiple levels, both for possibly doing that when nationalism, racism and other horrible -isms are on the rise globally – but also because I live in the U.S., period. Ugh, November 2020 come soon for our election…

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