Observations of Day One

I know, some of you have followed me for other reasons, but right now the fibromyalgia thing has taken over a bit. I promise, it will pass, but right now, it is overwhelming my life.

I have gone my first full day without any painkillers, and it is really, really not nice. The pain is off the scale, and honestly, if I hadn’t given myself a few days to mentally prepare, I’d be a mess, more than I am anyhow, right now. Fatigue is just incredible.

We did go out today, as I posted last night, I was determined, whatever I felt like, and I didn’t feel great this morning. We went up to Mossman, the drive up there is a little demanding, very windy bit of road, but stunning at the same time. By about the usual time for me, between 11am and 11.30am, I started getting the waves of fatigue like usual, but pushed on, but after we had lunch, I knew that getting home was a good idea. However, we did stop at a lovely beach on the way back, Mum went for a walk on her own up the beach for half and hour, Jack played in the sand, and I sat in the shade of a tree on the sand watching them both, using all my willpower to try and get my shit together.

So, I will say, I WAS NOT ADDICTED TO TRAMADOL. I have not had any of the side effects I should have by now, except for an increase in pain, which, is what I would have expected from fibromyalgia, so not a side effect of the Tramadol at all. The fatigue increase is also a good indication I wasn’t, because if I was, it should be the reverse. No nausea, or any of the other symptoms I should be experiencing if I was addicted and having withdrawal symptoms. It also shows me another thing, the amytriptaline I was given months ago, and that I had all the trouble with in October, really didn’t work on the fibromyalgia, because all the increase in fibromyalgia symptoms when I stopped Tramadol and was on amytriptaline then are exactly what I am experiencing now.

Anyhow, I am going to go to bed, and get some sleep, but I just thought it was worth an update.



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