I am feeling the most shattered into little pieces I have for quite a while. The fibromyalgia is just bearable, meaning the pain side, it’s constant and quite intense, but not quite yet at the, “shit, I need to go to hospital” stage. I don’t have any of the stronger stuff, well stronger than tramadol, to fall back on at the moment, so I guess I will be finding myself a new doctor in the coming days. I haven’t got a new doctor since moving from interstate, so necessity is calling to get on with it.

It’s hard to get on with it though, when you are basically feeling like you are being squished to a pulp.

I had a dream sleep on my new mattress last night. Yes, I finally got my trailer sold and the very next morning I ordered it from the store up the road, and it was here by lunchtime the same day. That was yesterday. Last night, I got into bed, and instead of tossing and turning for half an hour before finally getting comfortable, I was comfortable as soon as I got in, and went rapidly to sleep. It’s a pity the fibromyalgia is giving me hell, because I did wake up a fair bit during the night in pain, but every time I lay back down, I was out like a light in no time flat.

This won’t be a big post, as I am really ready to sleep, today I have been on the verge of sleep since 10am. Just haven’t been able to do it. I might just wrap it up here, because my hands are starting to get very painful, and typing is becoming difficult, but that how life is right now. Not so good.



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