Adventures in my garden.

I really must think about taking photo’s before I write, oh well, a written description will do for now until I get my scattered brain into gear.

One of my true loves is gardening. I love the smell of the earth, of cut grass, compost (eww, I can hear you say), flowers, and best of all, the fruits of the labour. Fruits are metaphorical and as well as the actual thing. The metaphorical side is seeing the results, and the enjoying of those results, be it sitting back and seeing how nice it all looks after you cut the lawn, or a garden bed free of weeds, to the actual fruit, and I can hardly wait until that happens.

The garden is my way of freeing my mind of troubles. It loves me and I love it. I think a lot of people who have gone through traumatic experiences get solace in a garden. The enjoyment of making, and then being able to sit back and observe, is all part of it. You make the right decisions, and do the right things, and you also have a wonder of wildlife that also appreciate your hard work. Nothing like watching birds, butterflies and other little creatures make the most of what you have done. You even get to notice, if you actually take notice, that some birds become regular visitors, they even get excited when you emerge to work in the garden.

We currently have a little Willy Wag-tail that is very different from others in that he is much more black than others in the local population, and whom we have named Sparky, as well as his mate, a Pee-wee (or mudlark, I prefer Pee-wee), who band together and zip around the garden, full of life and zing, doing pest control duty.

With all the rain we have had over the past 11 days, they have been in hiding, I don’t blame them, who wants to be wet all day?

Today, and since Saturday, I have had a bit of a blitz in the garden. We picked up some lovely variegated Crotons, with yellow, green and red foliage, which were only $6 at the local market, and now reside in a difficult part of the garden. We needed some privacy there, but it is not a very useful spot for food production, so ideal for something that will screen and be pretty. The will be joined by some Aloe Vera plants which were left here by the previous owners, neglected in a big black plastic pot. Hopefully, body, mind and weather permitting, they will be in a nice row in front of the Crotons tomorrow. The difference in foliage and colour should make it look great.

On Saturday, only 3 days ago, I finally got the bean and pea seeds in under the trellis, and lo and behold, I already have 5 bean seedlings poking out of the ground !!! I was astonished when I went out for a look this morning. This then spurred me on into weeding a space in the new vege garden (the rain has made all the weeds spring out of the ground in hours), digging it all over, and then planting a block of Corn in one section, and 2 rows of spring onions in another. I now have actually growing, rocket, lettuce (a first for me), basil, mint, 2 varieties of grape, passion fruit, oranges, cherry tomatoes, beans, carrots (another first), Pineapple, Bananas, and hopefully peas, corn and spring onions. I have a bundle of more seeds, including cucumber, radish and pumpkin, I think it’s too early to plant pumpkin, it will probably just rot in this weather, but I am thinking of getting the radish and cucumber in tomorrow as well.

I have a bunch of ornamental flower seeds as well, well, one is ornamental, but the others are multi-functional. I have marigolds planted from seed now going great guns, they are pest control. I have seeds of some sunflowers, which will be for display and for the seed as well, and then another one that I can’t quite recall the name of right now, but it is a variety of colours and will be great as cut flowers. I may get some of them in tomorrow if my energy doesn’t deplete too quickly, I think it will, I never achieve everything I set out to do in 1 day because of this blasted illness.

Anyhow, all my painkillers are kicking in right now, I am now so drowsy that staying awake is not even looking possible, even remotely.




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