Merry Christmas

My brother arrived yesterday from Melbourne. We are all together for Christmas.

I love Christmas, well now I do, before, when I was with my ex, it was a time of misery, every special day was. She made it that way. Now, I guess I am one of those people that goes the extra mile, maybe even over the top, for Christmas. Of all the special days of the year, this is the most special to me.

Christmas is about family. You can believe all the superstitious stuff if you like, but trust me, you aren’t a virgin if you are pregnant. But the story of the beginning of a family, the celebration of a family, is really what it’s all about. I have said before I am not religious, and I don’t celebrate Christmas as a religious thing, and honestly, I don’t celebrate it for the commercial event it has become either. It is all about family. It is about family being together, spending time together, laughing, eating and enjoying each others company.

I guess with age comes the realisation of how important family is. Sure, there are always family members that really don’t give two hoots about anyone else, take my father for example, but all of us have someone in our families that care about us.

When I was younger, my brother and I weren’t the best of buddies. I guess it was because I would protect him from my father, but he didn’t seem to realise it, so I resented that. As time has gone by, and the older we have got, my brother realised just what I did, and now we are very close. I would still do everything in my power to protect him, no matter what.

It’s like that with Mum too. Many years ago, we were in a situation where Mum had had enough, but due to financial dis-empowerment, she didn’t leave my father at that time, but even though I was only 16, we stood side by side and tried to work it out, tried to see if we could, but mum was so brow beaten at that stage she didn’t have the confidence that she could do it. This time around, she has, she became empowered, and although still nervous about getting out of the bad marriage with my father, I reassured her that I wouldn’t leave her on her own. I have stuck by my word, it’s what I do, if I say I will do something, I will. She has always stood by me, and I will always stand by her.

I am not sure of how this Christmas day will go. My father will be with us, I mean, he has a separate life, he lives in the granny flat, Jack, mum and I in the house, we do see each other, but we don’t do a lot together, because even now, even though he is no longer under the same roof, every opportunity he gets, he is a nasty shit. I really don’t remember the last time I actually saw him do anything genuinely nice for anyone else, or be genuinely nice to anyone else. I know both I and Mum are holding our breaths to see if we can get through the day without one of his tantrums, it could happen, who knows. We include him because we try, we are nice people, it’s to our detriment the majority of the time though.

Anyhow, I really hope every one of you have a fantastic day on Christmas Day. I appreciate every one of you that bothers to read my ramblings.

Merry Christmas to all !!



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