I slept in but had a productive day

Wow, did I ever sleep in !!! 9am. Might not sound like an achievement for a teeny bopper who would sleep until midday no sweat, but for me, that is an achievement. I haven’t been able to sleep in, no matter how tired I have been, it seems my body clock just loves ringing the wake up bell at around 5 to 6am. Usually it’s the bladder that does the waking. Nothing worse than wanting to sleep in, but busting for a pee. Once I am up, I can’t go back to bed straight away, I don’t know why, I just can’t.

Anyhow, enough of the bodily functions stuff, I had a productive day anyhow.

I scored a fantastic stainless steel, all swanky, 4 burner plus food warmer and wok burner BBQ, and all for the fuel it cost to go and pick it up. It’s huge, I mean, it is a thing of shining beauty. Well, now it is.

I spent the day, after picking it up, spraying it with oven cleaner, blasting it with the pressure washer, scrubbing the stubborn stuff with steel wool and detergent, and then fixing all the bent panels and screwing all the loose panels all back together, by 5pm, when I finally finished, it is a glowing, shiny thing of beauty. It looks brand new, nobody would guess I got it for free. Tomorrow, I will go off to Bunnings to get a gas bottle, my current one is empty, so I need that to get it fired up. Bunnings is a dangerous place, mainly for my bank account balance.



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