Life always seems to be about waiting. Waiting to go somewhere, do something, for someone or something. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Yep, that seems to be it.

This year, it has been a waiting game, waiting to move being the big one, now it’s done, it’s waiting for everything to be done so I can rest. I thought yesterday that I would rest, but it ended up that we went to do a simple trip to the nursery to get some extra plants for the screening fence we are doing, and it ended up at a shopping mall we hadn’t checked out yet, then Bunnings, and we eneded up finding another Op Shop, the best one we have found yet.

My rest day flew out the window, as we didn’t get back home until 2pm, then, I had to head out again at 3pm, as Mum found our new lounge suite, a beautiful cane 2 seat couch with 2 single seat chars, with yellow fabric on the cushions. I had to pick that up, before heading to the other side of Cairns to pick up a filing cabinet for myself at 4pm. Got home, totally spent. I could hardly get out of the car, let alone do anything else.

Today, we had planned to go and do our Christmas shopping, but instead I ended up spending the morning fitting a new door to Dads bathroom, one of those concertina style ones, so very fiddly, and also adjusted all his curtain rods as they were too low. Then, just because I have apparently turned into a masochist and love to basically kill myself, I hung the privacy screen on the verandah that Mum got the other day to stop a nosy neighbour, planted an orange tree I got from Bunnings yesterday, and mowed the lawns. I honestly don’t know how I am still operating. I hardly slept last night, and have been in agony for days, but last night was the worst. Bloody fibromyalgia !!!

Tomorrow’s plans have had a huge re-adjustment too, as we now have the ex tropical cyclone that crossed here on Sunday potentially going to revisit, this time as a a Category 2 or 3 cyclone, so we are going to try and do a clean up of the yard, removing the last of the rubbish from the previous owners of the property, as well as the last few cardboard boxes we had stuff packed in for the move. It will be a busy day of getting ready for a cyclone. At least life isn’t boring !!!

So now, we are waiting for a Cyclone. They reckon it will be here around Friday or Saturday, so only a couple of days to prepare. We knew that moving back to the tropics would mean we would get severe tropical weather, but I guess we had hoped that it might have been in the new year, rather than just 3 weeks after we arrived !!! Anyhow, this isn’t the first cyclone we have faced, we went through a category 5 in Western Australia a few years ago, but it will be the first for Jack, and it certainly won’t be the last in this part of the world, as most years cyclones affect some part of the coastline in this part of Queensland.

I am about to check out the latest update from the Bureau of Meteorology before going to bed. It’s going to be an interesting next few days, so I hope I get some sleep tonight.




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