Things are looking a lot better

It’s amazing what a difference a few days can make. It’s been such a roller coaster this past few months, and I am sure it isn’t over yet, but we have been having a few wins this past few days. The future is looking brighter.

As I have talked about before, I am a photographer, I keep meaning to share more of my work on here, but motivation to do things other than what has been necessary to keep life ticking along has been pretty low of recent months. It’s strange, I have sat here tonight looking at some photos I downloaded off my camera to my desk top computer months ago, I hadn’t looked at them since I downloaded them, so I guess I am making some progress back to normality again.

Since I moved in to my folks place in January, most of my life has been packed into boxes, and even though I have set myself up to work, I just haven’t felt right enough to do it. I did my first wedding photography gig back in February, did that work, got the finished products to the bride and groom, but have not done any other photography work apart from taking a few shots, then leaving them sit on my camera’s or computer ever since, not even looking at them. It’s annoying, because I know when I finally do start delving into them it will be hundreds of hours of work to sort through, but hey, you need to be in the right frame of mind and comfortable to do it, and I just haven’t been settled enough to do that. Put it this way, a full wedding gig was over 12 hours just doing the photography, then about another 15 to 20, going through the 1200 shots I took. By the way, of those 1200 shots, which were of the arrivals, ceremony and reception, 1120 were all good enough to present to the bride and groom, and they were astounded I had captured so much.

One of the things I want to concentrate more on is time-lapse, I have a set up now to do so, and have put together a few and then edited them into small videos, with music, credits and captions, titles, the works. It’s far more time consuming than just doing the straight photography, but when you nail it, it is so satisfying. I have 2 favourites, one I did of my son from birth until 8 years old, then another of the landscapes around SW Victoria, obviously with a lot of moody weather involved, because landscape and weather are my most favourite subjects. Once we get moved, and settled in to our new place, which is now looking very likely, possibly even in the next 4 weeks although I don’t want to jinx it, I need to get head down and bum up and start sorting all this backlog out, and get into making some serious cash out of it. That is the ultimate goal.

Well, I should get my head into bed, I slept for 4 hours this afternoon, the fibromyalgia fatigue has been bad, so instead of resisting the urge to just sleep I went with it today, but, yes, I am still exhausted, so need to go off and sleep again.




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