Another day

Today is another day. It’s the one after yesterday and the one before tomorrow. Apart from that, I have been struggling for the past few days to remember what day of the week it is. I think I have had to remind myself about 5 or 6 times today that it is Wednesday.  It is Wednesday, right ??

Anyhow, my scatterbrainededness is the result of all the multitude of goings on over the past week. The stress of it all has done me in. Last night, I pretty much collapsed in bed, in fact, yesterday morning, which seems like an eternity ago, I didn’t want to get out of bed. I am glad I did, apart from the obvious reasons such as getting Jack to school and all that stuff, because I managed to get a few tasks done to my car that needed to be done before we make this several thousand kilometre trip to the new home in about 5 weeks time.

Over the course of the past 3 days, I have managed to completely polish the car, finish applying the stripes I started months ago, finished sprucing up the exterior, removed my L.E.D. light bar and bracket (I will put it back on when we get to the new place, but the car is only a small one and will be towing a trailer, so didn’t want to hinder air flow to the radiator on the trip), and generally managed to get a few things thsat needed to be done before the move done. I honestly don’t know how I have done what I have done, I have been feeling like I am getting a virus, then not, getting shaky, then not, and been battling enormous fatigue continually. The pain side of things has been alternating, but hasn’t been great either.

The next couple of days I don’t plan on doing much, I will try and knock over all of my online study units for this week tomorrow, but I plan to enter the next phase of packing my stuff on the weekend, after I get my new workshop trolley and toolbox. I hope, by the end of the weekend, that I will only have 1 item left to pack into the shipping container, and what is left will be packed in the car and trailer for the trip. i have to be this organised, because for all I know, I could end up being wiped out flat again for a week with a fibromyalgia flare up, so while I can, I do what I need to.

5 weeks is all we have left here now. Although the past few days have felt like they have dragged on, I know that these 5 weeks will pass by before we know it. Next week, my parents are going for a trip up to the new destination to look at houses, and hopefully buy one. Our number 1 pick is now under contract, but our number 2 is still available, and Dad organised with the real estate agent to look at it next week, so, hopefully, there are no issues with it, as it will more than likely, unless someone gets in before the end of next week, be our new home.

Mum has got 2 weeks off from work to go up there, and will basically work 1 week when she gets back, and then that will be the end of her days at the fast food shop here. I think she is excited and scared at the same time. The past few weeks she has found out that they will be ending the breakfast shift at the end of the year, and she really didn’t want to do any other shift times, so the sale of the house, and the move, has alleviated the need for her to have to negotiate new hours that don’t suit her as much.

Anyhow, I have to get myself into a shower and dressed for bed, Jack has just come out of the shower and is waiting for his pajamas to dry in the dryer, and I just heard it stop.




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