A nice day out.

Well, as I said in the last post, we went out for a drive up to The Grampians today, Jack, Mum and myself. and we’ve all returned feeling a lot fresher in the mind. We’ve escaped the dome we’ve become accustomed to, and just chilled out.

I drove most of the day, and even though it was pretty appalling weather conditions and my body doesn’t like long drives so much anymore, I love driving. I still have that same sense I had when I first was able to go out and drive by myself after getting my license. The really is nothing like getting out on the road and just driving through the countryside.

Up until the last 18 months, Jack and I had regular outings, going to The Grampians, over to Melbourne, out to local national parks, it was great. But as finances have tightened, it’s become something that doesn’t happen enough. Today, I realised that it’s just going to have to be something that I somehow make affordable, because the feeling of regaining my sanity it has given me is so worth every single cent.



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