When your body hates you, and other fun stuff from the past few weeks.

It’s been a bit of a rough ride the last few weeks.

To start with, on the day of my son’s birthday, my father decided to drop the bomb that he hates us all, meaning everyone in our family, including his siblings, everyone, and wants to divorce Mum. Great thing to drop on the family on your grandson’s birthday, hey? Funnily though, he’s been such a nasty, spiteful, rude human for so many years now, that most of us were finally relieved. Since then, the waters have muddied, and him being him, has complicated things. Anyhow, whilst I’m still trying to make sense of his unstable mind, I’ll just have to go with the flow.

My parents have been trying to sell their house for over 12 months now, with some interest, but no buyer as yet. It’s a slow market around here. We all plan to move to warmer climes, once the house is sold, but now, with all this crap, who know’s what is going to happen. Jack and I currently live with them, so it’s been so much fun. I really need to win the lotto or something, just so I can get back into my own place. We moved here so as to have support, especially as my condition has deterioratedĀ  as much as it has over the last 12 months, and now we have been thrust, thanks to my fathers arseholery, into an extremely tense and stressful situation. Which, is not great for Fibromyalgia sufferers.

When it all happened, my brother and Aunt were here, and to be honest, if it weren’t for Mum, and her needing support, I probably would have moved that very weekend into my brothers place (he offered if the need arose, but also wanted me to make sure Mum was okay and support her through the shit.) I won’t leave Mum on her own, she doesn’t drive, and we live 15 minutes out of town, and who knows what person Dad is going to be tomorrow. Currently he is acting like none of what’s happened has happened, which sort of makes me feel sick. He’s playing little games, baiting people, but up to this point, we haven’t taken any bait, as hard as it has been not to at times.


Apart from that whole shemozzle, I’ve been going through the process of this change over of medications, which in most respects, seems to be going well. However, over the past week or so, getting to sleep has been difficult. I think the home life situation is probably a big contributor to this, my mind is taking hours to stop once I go to bed, and I have to really concentrate to physically relax my body. The other thing is I have been having a bad case of restless leg syndrome, and I will tell you, it makes the whole process of trying to get to sleep so much harder. Right now, I am writing, because I have given up the fight to go to sleep. I am really tired, but just can’t sleep. It sucks. I’ve also been battling IBS today, so my insides aren’t helping me feel good or relaxed either.

Jack has also had fun and games over the past week. He had an immense toothache last Thursday night, tears, everything, I managed to settle it down with Panadol and cloves, he slept well, and then the next morning I rang the public dentist, and managed to get him in for an emergency appointment that afternoon. The result was 2 molars having to be pulled, with 2 more not looking good, which will be looked at more when we go back there on Thursday. Luckily, they are baby teeth, so the adult teeth should be back to replace them in a year or two.

It’s quite frustrating, really. I am on him all the time to brush his teeth, and recently I have caught him out telling porky pies, he reckons he’s brushed them, but the hand basin and his toothbrush have been bone dry. He’s now learnt the hard way that it’s important to brush.

He’s not a kid that eats lot’s of lollies, actually, we rarely have lollies in the house, and we don’t do soft drink or cordial. Even when he’s at a party, he will eat fruit if it’s there, instead of lollies, while the other kids gorge themselves on all the sugar in sight. He has a great diet, eats a wide variety of veges and fruit (even fruit and veges that I won’t touch, like Brussels Sprouts), prefers wholemeal bread, all the good stuff. Will even choose water or plain milk over anything else.

I have all my own teeth still, at 41, well apart from my 2 upper wisdom teeth, which because they didn’t come through properly, had to be removed. I also have 2 fillings, but they have only happened in the past couple of years, 1 is in a wisdom tooth in my lower jaw, again, because of the problems I had with them coming through, and 1 filling on a molar on the top next to where a wisdom tooth was pulled, the wisdom tooth actually broke a piece off it. I never had teeth filled or pulled until nearly 40 years old. In saying that, I have one of my front bottom teeth chipped, due to the mouthpiece of my trumpet being smashed into it by a drunk at a gig I was playing 15 years ago, and in the past few months, I have started to get a few twinges of pain from it. I must see if I can get it capped soon.

I might sign off for now, not feeling like sleep will come easy yet, but I have just taken some codeine based painkillers for the first time in about 3 or 4 days, so hopefully that will help. I might play a bit of Goobox while I wait for them to kick in. Goodnight.

Andy.Old photo's 004

Me, many moons ago during a jam session on the beach.


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